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Our Philosophy

Accessible. Direct. Did you go to pay your bill today or access your corporate intranet for some information, only to be confronted by a whirling carousel of icons? Did readable text on a plain background metamorphose into jagged variegated letters shrunken to the size of fly specs smeared across a collage of ever-changing inspirational images? You are not the first. Our designs aren't a reflection of a lack of technological prowess, we have all the latest Adobe® tools at our disposal, no different from any other web site developer.

Web site despair at DILBERT

Rather, our designs reflect our mission: efficacy in conveying pertinent information, tastefully presented without overbearing bells and whistles that don't add value or demonstrate your competence. It's not uncommon to come across one of these sites, replete with bandwidth-sucking graphics, which don't even have the courtesy—by changing display characteristics, perhaps color, perhaps an underline—to let you know that you've successfully managed to "mouse over" a menu item you can now click on to navigate further.

Sincere. Honest. Qualities often lost in the rush to generate market hype. When everyone has the same slick message, how do you communicate you're not just another “pretender?”

Our commitment to you, our client, is:

  • To get to know you. We choose our clients as much as our clients choose us.
  • To experience you for ourselves. Sampling your products and services if you're a business. Attending a fund-raiser, event, or meeting with members/beneficiaries if you're a non-profit. We maximize the impact of your message when we can compose your content with the perspective and clarity that comes from getting to know your company or organization: your people, your message, your point of view.
  • To capture and reflect your uniqueness and individuality. We insure the pictures, graphics, copy, and style of the web site or materials we create for you reflect you, your company and employees, your organization and members. Clipart, skins, and templates are placeholders—not products.
  • In short, to meet your needs and objectives in understanding, formulating and communicating your message, whomever the audience, whatever the medium.

Of course, if you already have a web site and just need some assistance focusing on your core message or making it easier to navigate—or you're looking for reliable and responsive, personalized hosting—we'll be glad to help there too!

(DILBERT strip licensed for use on our web site.)

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