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Nancy Nielsen Sanchez has spent her career focusing on the basics. Her areas of expertise include Process Definition, Management and Re-engineering, Material Logistics and Asset Inventory Management, Management Strategy, Business Planning, Product Management and Lifecycle Planning, and Organizational Design.

Nancy also brings her artistic skills and fine eye to the web communications space, having studied typography and working in the graphics arts field before transitioning to business technology management.

Peters J. Vecrumba credits his artistic sensibilities to his father, who graduated the national art academy in the graphic arts, schooled in the Baltics in the European classical tradition.

Peters' technical areas of expertise focus on Detail Engineering Planning and Project Management, Engineering Financial Analysis, Lifecycle Management, and IT Governance and Vendor Management.

Peters has taught structured programming at undergraduate and graduate levels and spent a number of years as Don Kunz's calligraphy teaching assistant, both at his alma mater Cooper Union, where he "crossed the street" to study both engineering and art disciplines.

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