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Design and Hosting

We provide both design, hosting, and related graphical services. Each customer solution is unique—the following pricing is representative. We offer discounts for non-profits and referrals.

Site creation

Master home page, design and navigation,
includes home page content
Site content page creation$100/additional web page
Transcribe simple content (plain text, plain text Word, existing HTML,...)$35/web page
Transcribe and reformat complex content (Word documents with complex tables and illustrations, Excel spreadsheets,...)
* at hourly rate for very complex materials
$50/web page*
Site design,
style sheets
Photographs1-2 per page, included for customer-provided image files; pricing for photography, scanning and additional content based on volume and complexity
Scan to PDF$20/original page scanned
Logotype designCustom pricing based on needs and final application
Specialized featuresScripting, high content volume pages,
graphical objects for menus/mouse-overs... $50/hour
Changes to site once in production$50/hour, 1/2 hour minimum for change(s) submitted at any one time
DNS namesAt our cost, upon request
Hosting$11.95/month payable annually (calendar year basis),
flat rate (up to 15 pages), minor periodic updates included
Associated flyer, advertising postcard designCustom pricing based on needs and final application

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