The communications challenge

Never has there been greater opportunity to customize and micro-target sales and marketing as there is with the tools and technology available today. Never has the patience of the consumer been lower—bombarded from all sides with infomercials, spam mail, and advertising pop-ups of recently browsed and "you might also be interested in" merchandise—an incessant din of shouting when a reasoned and well-placed whisper would have far more impact.

As the Internet has grown and matured, the siren song of technological possibilities has become an end in itself: web sites built to impress us with their technical prowess, the message becoming a mere appendage. At the other extreme, Internet for the masses: "use our tools" and build your site in "as little as ten minutes." If only the message could be crafted as quickly!

At [Clear-and-Simple] we have decades of experience in a wide range of computing technologies, always with the aspect of communicating clearly to an audience whose needs are examined, understood, and addressed: from the linotype operator learning to use computers for the very first time to the Chief Technology Officer setting corporate direction for the next five to ten years—although these days even three years is a challenge! Whatever the need, whoever the audience, the clearest and simplest communication works best.

Early adopters of the Internet ourselves—predating browser technology—we have participated from the outset in the information and sensory explosion that is the Internet as we know it today. Clarity and simplicity of communication are at a premium as never before.

We invite you to explore our growing portfolio of sites and to consider us in meeting your communications needs, whatever the format.

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