Unlike many boutique web hosting providers, you won't find your web content being served by a home-built PC sitting on top of a desk in the back room of some store front, with the "backup" system sitting on the floor under the desk—that would be the prior home-built PC, and a single non-redundant connection to the Internet for the entire establishment.

Our long-term customers know we were serving content on dedicated capacity at Unfortunately, in early 2012, we would have had to pass on a doubling of fees to our clients. After investigating technology and customer service reviews, we re-hosted at one of the leading and well-known hosting providers, GoDaddy, allowing us to continue to offer services at competitive rates. We had already been using GoDaddy for domain name registration for a number of years, so it was a good fit for us as well.

In 2019 we combined forces with Dynamic Resources and hosting at HostGator to boost our capacity, leverage secure site features, and facilitate integration of extensions such as Wordpress.

[Clear-and-Simple]—small enough to offer you the intimate attention every client deserves, professional enough to insure your web presence is robust and secure.

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