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Cloning one style fits all, impersonal clipart, generic superlatives: features all indicative of sites which fail to capture the essence of an organization or business seeking to communicate a personal message setting it apart from its peers or competition.

Our clients are our design partners. Their sites reflect uniquely who they are.

Following is a sampling of sites: current, past, proposed, and work in progress. We support Facebook and Twitter postings integration. We test our web solutions on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome (Windows) and Firefox and Chrome on Android. CSS support is required.

The challenge and reward of working with non-profits and small businesses in particular is that there is no guarantee of a long-term business relationship. But we also get to know our clients far better than when developing for a large corporate environment where we need to please a committee. There is no deeper satisfaction than when a small business owner or non-profit board member smiles and says "Perfect!"

Annotated portfolio

Please note that archival sites were not designed with smart phones in mind.

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